it entrepreneur
& investor

My name is Dmitry. And I am a thinker, researcher and piano player. I love classical music, but think it's time for a change (are you ready?). Travel a lot for new ideas: they are born in airplanes, downhill skiing, swimming in lakes and jogging in deserts. Ideas and concepts are the foundation of the new future. I am engaged in science (mainly pure and applied mathematics) and self-discipline to bring these ideas to life. I pay great attention to every detail, inspired by innovations, brilliant design and subtle art, love and play football. Create products at the intersection of design & technology that can change the world (will change 😜) and make people happier.

I believe in new finances, biotechnologies and robots. Previously founded Lazerto [slashtag search engine], Wave X [the fastest way to share emotions with friends], Yord [interactive video platform for gen z]. Currently working on several web3 startups and AI crypto fund ⁂ Triple. Mm, of course, there are a couple more things that are still a 🤐 secret.

Always happy to discuss new big ideas {others are not for me}. And the last thing -> sometimes share my thoughts here.